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   We have been farming here by the Sangamon “River” north of Mahomet since 1998.  We are committed to leaving the land in better shape than we received it, providing wholesome, local food, and educating folks about responsible farming.


Text Box: Fruits, Vegetables & Flowers
 We use organic practices throughout our produce production.  We don’t use pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers and work to improve our soil tilth and the overall health of our farm. We raise 18 varieties of garlic, several different herbs, vegetables from asparagus to salad mix to zucchini, and both berries and tree fruit.  Our flowers run from annuals like snapdragons and zinnias to a great variety of Asiatic and Oriental lilies and iris.  Wintertime produce includes limited quantities of salad mix, herbs, chard, and occasionally flowers.  Our produce can be purchased direct from the farm as a CSA, special order, or it can also be found at the Urbana Farmers Market and other locations.       

Text Box: Honey

Our bees (happily) remain unmedicated, and despite the annual stings, we enjoy the sweet fruits of our labor.  (Mom has discovered that the stings seem to help joint pain.)  And our bees enjoy all the fruit trees and flowers.  We leave enough honey on the hive for the winter (instead of replacing with sugar water) and tend not to re-queen.